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      Fix #4701: Odd behavior on older versions of Chrome. · 3f6e7ff6
      evazion authored
      Regression caused by the upgrade to Webpacker 6.0 in 90cd3293. This
      caused various Javascript errors in old versions of Chrome, which
      somehow resulted in the keyboard shortcut for visiting the next page
      being triggered when you pressed any key.
      Specifically, the mobx library (used by the TagCounter component) called
      `Object.entries`, which isn't available in Chrome 49, and for some
      unknown reason this triggered the buggy shortcut behavior.
      `Object.entries` is supposed to be automatically polyfilled by Babel to
      support old browsers, but something changed in Webpacker 6 that broke
      this and I couldn't get it working again. The probable cause is that
      Webpacker 6 no longer transpiles code inside ./node_modules by default,
      which means that any libraries we use that use new Javascript features
      won't get transpiled down to support old browsers, but even after fixing
      that it still didn't work. The workaround is to just drop mobx and
      preact entirely to avoid the issue.
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