A maypole for grown-ups to circle around when cooperating on software development.
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Code of Adult Conduct

1. Principle of Charity

When interacting with people around this project try to assume the best of them. If something seems offensive start by assuming you've misunderstood. Treat others as you would wish them to treat you.

2. Principle of Agency

We all possess the capacity to chose how we feel as well as how we react. Other people cannot "make" you feel bad or "hurt" your feelings unless you allow them to. Choose to take responsibility for your own mental state and exercise your agency. Do not give other people power over you that they do not have; the power to trigger you. You have the ability to ignore most anything. Use it.

3. Principle of Focus

This is not the place for social or political activism. When interacting with people around this project keep it on topic. While here, the only cause you should be fighting for is the project's success. No distractions.


Warnings followed swiftly by temporary or permanent bans to minimize disruption to the focus on the meritocratic project of software development.


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